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indus village restaurant

Set on a vast 200-kanal area available for development, The Indus River Resort offers a vast variety of cultural, entertainment, shopping and dining as well as unique aquatic leisure activities.

Pioneering a world-class resort in the area, we are confident that the volume of traffic on the M-1 Motorway, as well as the population from surrounding cities will be the first to gain interest and excitement - especially considering the easy-access and advantageous location of the site area and the attractions included in the resort.

The project is being developed in contract with the NHA, with management rights retained by Petrosin Services Indus River (Pvt) Ltd for 14 years.

Our state-of-the-art facilities will ensure that your investment and partnership with Indus River Resort will yield the maximum commercial benefit.

We are also offering Premium Partner Benefits for our initial partners. Be the first to avail golden opportunities! A unique, international consumer attraction - the resort promises to be a splash of fun for the entire family! Luxury. Serenity. Leisure - The Indus River Resort.